Welcome to the StarWheel Boutique!

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Greetings, Friends! Welcome to the first wave of StarWheel harmonic templates to reach the fair shores of planet Earth, on the winds of galactic celebration:

  • 6" x 6" StarWheel Wisdom Cards
  • StarWheel Decks - Import from Japan
  • Prints & Giclee Prints
  • Coloring & Design Books
  • Mystical Poems Ecstasy Booklets
  • Multi-Media DVDs & CDs
  • Special StarWheel Original Editions
  • SW Custom Commissions


Entrepreneurs & eco-companies contact us


We are looking for an Art Agent and Manager
for the StarWheel Collection


Many more applications of the StarWheel Mandala Images are in the planning:

  • Additional Wisdom Cards series & Greeting Cards
  • StarWheel 3D animation DVDs
  • Large-format art book of the StarWheel Collection
  • Museum editions of the entire StarWheel Collection
  • Bookmarks, flexible magnets & fabrics
  • A StarWheel Deck Game™
  • Puzzles & SW Hiero-Sculptures™

We wish you a pleasant & gracious journey
visiting the StarWheel Universe

For abundant information about the StarWheel Vision
and the educational & cultural projects of the StarWheel Foundation,
please visit the www.starwheels.com parent site

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