Golden Love
Golden Love

Wonderful Friends,

The entire universe is a highly successful love affair.
Do you agree ? If so, you must be a lover yourself.

When we commune with life, we become this magnificently orchestrated ocean of love, eventually flowing ourselves into pure ecstasy.  We learn that love is the big lesson from the choices in our lives: experiences, emotions, desires, thoughts and a variety of partners, from mother nature to sweethearts to friends-in-the-moment…

Among the dancers of life, the mystical types choose to be in love with the ultimate partner: the Source of creation
and all consciousness. This is the pristine &  primordial relationship, whether it is kept formless (the Nameless One) or embodied in a deity or in a human lover seen as divine.

This anthology of poetic blossoms celebrates
the only reality there is: Love.

It is a grateful ovation to the perennial & exquisite play of
the Lover and the Beloved
the King and the Queen
the Sun and the Moon…

Let us celebrate ourselves as Beings of Golden Love!

Be prepared, O Friend:
Love is inevitable
It is infinity now!

With Source love,