Manual of Sacred Geometry Volume 1
Manual of Sacred Geometry Vol 1

Volume I: The Golden Proportion

The Golden Proportion “PHI” (the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet) is the hidden treasure of Sacred Geometry, as well as the secret power harmonizing the cosmos.

It is an irrational / transcendental mathematical constant, showing up as a ratio going to infinity, that has a unique property in this universe: its values are in both an additive & multiplicative relationship. PHI has an unmatched power to create harmony because of its capacity to unite the different parts of a whole so that each part preserves its own identity and yet blends into the greater whole. And this is why the ancients sought to bring the powers of PHI in the patterns of their individual and community life. The goal here is to be part of the harmonics of the cosmos, to merge with the Web of Life and the interconnectedness of universal consciousness.

No matter how far the multiples & submultiples of PHI cascade up and down the scales of magnitude (from microcosm to macrocosm), they will always recognize each other, mutually embrace and enter a dance of harmonic resonance, thus creating friendly & secure highways for energy transfers.

Because of this unique property, the PHI Proportion is the perfect and most efficient MEDIATOR, bridge and matchmaker between the many, many waves of this universe (and that includes the humans). Think of waves as myriads of people. When using the PHI power of relationship, waves can happily “grow and multiply” without losing their identity. It is a dream marriage! Even the “children” (fractal parts) will always keep an inner resonance, a holographic link with their parents (the relative whole).

This Volume I of the Manual of Sacred Geometry offers a few glimpses of the hidden treasure called the Golden Proportion. But first, we will take a short historical journey to look at the western origins of Sacred Geometry: we will visit with Pythagoras and his “college” and study the basic principles of musical harmony. Gathering on the way a few useful tools and toys, we will meet again the Golden proportion and the mathematical series (Fibonacci) engendering it. Finally, we will end this first volume with a tour of the Pentagram, which is the best 2D embodiment of the Golden Proportion.

Volume I:
History, Harmonics and 2-D Geometries
I / 1.  What is Sacred Geometry?
I / 2.  History of Sacred Geometry
I / 3.  The School of Pythagoras
I / 4.   Music, Color and Harmony
I / 5.   Geometry Tools & Toys
I / 6.   The Golden ratio & Fibonacci Numbers
I / 7.   The Pentagon & Pentagram