Manual of Sacred Geometry Volume 2
Manual of Sacred Geometry Vol. 2

Volume II: Traditional Geometries

The universal key of the Golden Ratio, directly expressed in the Fibonacci Series and the Pentagram, has a large kin family: these are Golden or Phi-related geometries, constructions and number structures that tradition has passed on to us, both in 2D and 3D.

Indeed, moving from the point to the line to the plane to the volume is an initiation that involves inner eye visualization and space-time animation. The cube imbedded in the diagonals of the Hexagon is the symbolic test.  Building 3D models of the Platonic & Archimedean Solids  and moving in and through them is a ancient yoga of inner vision, a practice to communicate with the archetypal / causal planes of creation and possibly get a glimpse of the hyper-dimensions.

All of Sacred Geometry eventually comes to Numbers and their graceful dances within the cosmic matrix.  As dwellers in human bodies, we have to slow down the frequencies and almost freeze the music to be able to construct our body-based everyday reality. We serialize and trivialize the numbers, but, really, they are fast moving cosmic intelligences and primordial principles.

This Volume II of the Manual of Sacred Geometry  continues the journey through the traditions of Geometry.  First we honor the "Mother Goddess" of Sacred Geometry, the Vesica Piscis and her Sacred Gate of manifestation (more on the Vesica symbolism in Volume IV/28). Then we review some classic figures and constructions before graduating to 3D and meeting with the architects of the universe: the 5 Platonic and 13 Archimedean Solids and their families.  Finally, after playing with the Magic Squares, or equations-formulas of ancient science, we take a quick tour of the Archetypal Numbers.

Volume II: Traditional Geometries
Classic Figures, 3-D Geometries and Numbers
II / 8.  The Vesica Piscis
II / 9.  Golden Geometries
II / 10.  Classic Figures
II / 11.   The 5 Platonic Solids
II / 12.   The 13 Archimedean Solids & Other Polyhedra
II / 13.   The Magic Squares
II / 14.   Archetypal Numbers
Short Glossary of Sacred Geometry Terms