Manual of Sacred Geometry Volume 4
Manual of Sacred Geometry Vol. 4

Volume IV: Civilizations

What is the mark of a successful civilization ? 

I believe the answer is the same answer that applies to a community, a family or an individual. And that is: the spirit joy to pass on  to our children a Gift of Life just a little bit cleaner & shinier than the one we received and polished through our own life span in a human body.  That joy is the Golden Relationship of the parts to the Whole. 

There is an urgent call to reassess the  goals of our civilization and to discard immediately all those that do not provide for a luminous smile in the face of all the people and sentient beings on Earth. A Declaration of Global Harmony is overdue and fast coming. 

Sacred Geometry, with its age-old knowledge of harmonic communication, can be a potent medicine for the healing of our civilization, a highly creative new force in culture, art & technology, and a magical inspiration to reinvent the beauty of the Human Smile.

In this Volume IV of the Manual of Sacred Geometry, we are documenting civilizations & cultures that chose to embody a cosmology of oneness  and, using a canon of universal numbers & proportions, set themselves to reproduce on Earth the harmonious order of the heavens through their architecture & temple building, music, use of ceremonial geometries, art, alphabets and ciphers...  We will discover that Sacred Geometry can find its way to the most surprising places. And finally, we glean through the vast and prolific field of universal symbols: symbols can be thickly layered, yet, when scrubbed thoroughly, they can shine very brightly indeed.

Volume IV: Civilizations
Harmonies in Culture
IV / 22.   Proportions in Architecture
IV / 23.  Labyrinths & Ceremonies
IV / 24.   Mandalas & Yantras
IV / 25.  Sacred Geometry in Art
IV / 26.   The Golden Ratio in Culture
IV / 27.   Languages & Gematrias
IV / 28.   Universal Symbols
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