The Complete StarWheel Sutras & Picto-Koans
StarWheel Sutras & Picto-Koans

2011 NEW edition. The Complete StarWheel Sutras & Picto-Koans. This edition offers all the 108 Sutras (mystical-poetic descriptions) and 108 Picto-Koans (iconic designs) matching the 108 StarWheels in existence. There are 972 hiero-icons all together, since each Picto-Koan is an array of 9 glyphs. With a short introduction to the SW Sutras, the SW Picto-Koans and Sacred Languages. Note: the Picto-Koans are smaller than in the Picto-Koan Coloring book of SW Picto-Koans. 112 pages. Spiral bound 8.5 x 11.
Doubles up as a great Coloring Book! The color cover shows an example of Picto-Koan (SW #27).

More Info on the StarWheel Descriptions (StarWheel Sutras)

More info on the StarWheel Hiero-Glyphs (StarWheel Picto-Koans)

About Sacred Languages

Spirited traditional cultures all have a sacred language.
Not to engage the rational mind, but rather to engage the vibrational fields and energy bodies.

A hieroglyph, traditionally, is a doorway into an essential energy process of the conscious universe.  Each sign is a resonant fractal of the whole as number, color or form in space, musical note or chord in time, fragrance or dance in space-time.  Each unit of the sacred language is a window into, a magical communion with the realms of "Mother Nature" & "Father Sky" and all other intelligences the soul is attuned to. Speaking a letter-glyph is experiencing its echoing (resonance) power throughout creation and dancing its life-story to a full audience.  Uttering families of glyph-sounds ("words") is entering the web of infinite dances activated by the ritual yantras, mantras & ceremonies that nurture and guide the life and dreamtime of individuals and communities.

As the collective consciousness of humanity moves into new frequency ranges, it is timely to co-recreate a global sacred language: a golden fractal language of light & pictographic communication - the "frequency signatures" holograms of pulsating lights, sounds, geometries and body dances that sustain creation codes & spirit telepathy.