The Coloring Book of StarWheel Picto-Koans
The Coloring Book of StarWheel Picto-Koans

Featuring 60 SW Picto-Koan Designs (540 Hiero-Glyphs)
from the StarWheel "Wisdom Mandalas",
series #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5.
2005 edition.


A great coloring book!

Enlarge individual glyph and play with them.



Note: all 108 StarWheel Sutras and Picto-Koans have been completed.
and are available in the NEW 2011 edition book:
The Complete StarWheel Sutras & Picto-Koan
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Introduction to the 2005 SW Sutras & Picto-Koans Book

Dear Friends,

This book features the 60 StarWheel Picto-Koans (60 arrays of 9 glyphs each) found in the 5 series of StarWheel Wisdom Cards: series #1, #2 and #3, already available & viewable @ www.starwheels.com, and series #4 and #5 (soon to be published).

You will find here, in a compact format, the same 60 picto-Koan hiero-stories that are printed on the back of each StarWheel Wisdom Card. Except, on the cards, the Picto-Koans are shown in miniature size and look more like a micro-chip magic seal than anything decipherable. Blown up many times, the Picto-Koans are presented here in a size close to the original designs and well suited for human eye navigation.