The StarDome & the StarWheel School of Mandala Arts
The StarDome & the StarWheel School of Mandala Arts


In this Project Proposal, visionary artist Aya presents to potential investors his vision of an educational Art Campus called the "StarDome".  An essential part of the StarDome project is the "School of Mandala Arts", an interactive, multi-media and pluri-cultural campus centered on the creative experience of the mandala.

As a mandala artist, Aya feels called to share his experience with children, art students and a larger public.  Says Aya:

"It is my direct encounter that the center of a mandala is the center and the source of Consciousness Itself. This is why the "mandala experience" is the core learning and the primordial template for organizing the educational curriculum at the Mandala School. The Mandala powerfully mediates the lesson of the earthly journey: the harmonious dance between Oneness and Multiplicity."

The materialization of the StarDome Project is envisioned in three phases:
1. Acquisition of a land.
2. Construction of a temporary facility.
3. Building of the larger StarDome facility with a Central Dome, inner gardens and a ring-shaped gallery and exhibit space.

"Radically new learning environments have to be created to match the cosmic potential of the new earth pilgrims streaming in:

  • Exploratoria offering sensory-rich stimulations and interactive sets where the pupils can explore & pursue their creative skills, at their own pace, while finding the guidance & support they need.
  • Experiential ceremonial settings where the wisdom of ancient traditions meets the immense possibilities of future consciousness.
  • Training grounds for tasting the wealth of sacred arts knowledge safeguarded through millenia of history.
  • Playgrounds for interacting with others and inventing / re-inventing the sparkling life-styles that allow to "Walk the Earth in Beauty", physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually.
  • Natural settings where the observation of plants, animals, stars and life cycles allows the understanding of the myriad manifestations of the universe as harmonic parts of a coherent and magnificent whole."


This vision is dedicated to the Children
they are the gentle hope of the world