Starwheel Fine Art Prints
StarWheel 011 :
A-Zu-La - “Joy”
11 x 11 inches Glossy Photo Print
23 x 23 inches Glossy Photo Print
24 x 24 inches Giclee on Canvas
36 x 36 inches Giclee Paper Print
36 x 36 inches Giclee on Canvas
This StarWheel can be found in the following series: Series I (1985-1986)

This is a magic ring for star-faeries,
to wear on their fingers of light.
A circle of love. Infinite alliance.
They all swing and sing along, dancing songs in the sky.
They all leap and win our hearts, giving wings to our smiles.
We all live in the same body: Life.
The dancers of heaven are flying in our midst:
are you seeing them traveling between you and You?
The angels of Paradise are singing in your head:
are you hearing them calling your very name?
O Faery Friend, being of Joy and Happiness,
will you lift your veils and turn them into dancing wings?