Starwheel Fine Art Prints
StarWheel 108 :
Creation Ovum - “Resonance”
11 x 11 inches Glossy Photo Print
23 x 23 inches Glossy Photo Print
24 x 24 inches Giclee on Canvas
36 x 36 inches Giclee Paper Print
36 x 36 inches Giclee on Canvas
This StarWheel can be found in the following series: Series IX (2001-2003)

Here are the fundamental musical scale harmonics
re-folded unto themselves to form a symmetrical egg sine wave pattern.
The Harmonic Series is a natural vibrational physics phenomenon,
expressing the intervals of a body's Natural Resonance.
Harmonics endlessly and instantly radiate.
Overtones fill up the macrocosmic space.
Undertones fill up the microcosmic space.
This is traditionally called the Music of the Spheres.
Hearing music is listening to the Void between sounds.
Creating life is opening to the Emptiness between actions.
The Egg of Creation contains the primordial cosmo-genesis tone:
its tonal harmonic family bridges the worlds.
You are not just a passive dweller in the universe:
you also hold it in your arms,
as the Monochord of the World.
O Friend,
play this Source Music,
co-sing it
and dance it mightily.