DVD - The StarWheel Mandalas by Aya. 36 Mandala Templates.
The StarWheel Mandalas by Aya DVD

A unique selection from the StarWheel Collection. This DVD offers 36 mandala images, including the 13 Special Edition StarWheel paintings for sale. Also, insights on the creation process, the original vision and the development of these sacred tools.

The StarWheel Mandalas by Aya
36 Mandala Templates

This DVD is the first public introduction to the extraordinary collection of the "StarWheels", a family of 108, large size (6' x 6') mandala templates airbrushed on canvas by French-born visionary artist Aya. Embodying sacred geometries, universal symbols and inner dimensional harmonics, the StarWheels are described by Aya as "frequency holograms for consciousness evolution".

Inspired by a spirit vision in 1985, Aya has lived as a recluse for the twenty years it took him to birth the current collection of 108 StarWheel paintings.  With an almost yogic discipline, Aya produced a large painting every two months.

Now, Aya feels the time has come to share this body of vibrational imagery with the world at large and with the new generations of students uncovering Universal Harmonics. True to his vision of a future StarDome or campus-university for the Sacred Arts, Aya founded in 2005 the School of Sacred Geometry in Sedona, Arizona.

This DVD presents a first collection of 36 StarWheel mandala images.  Whereas the original StarWheel Collection is only for sale as an entire body of work, 13 of these mandala paintings are now offered for sale as "Special Editions" originals.

DVD produced by Ronald James Television and Aya Productions. Sedona, 2006.

13 "Special Editions" StarWheels