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Beautifully detailed & visually stunning, the StarWheel Wisdom Cards are offered as single individual series of twelve 6" x 6"cards (series #1, #2, #3) or at a special price for all 3 series (36 cards).

The StarWheel Wisdom Cards have been reproduced from the original paintings in full color offset lithography and are available in two formats:

  • Laminated "Stand Alone" (optical quality 10 mil lamination): ideal for altar, desk, dashboard, meditation, healing, radionics... and this long-lasting special gift.
  • Un-Laminated format: great for framing, card shuffling, study of archetypal symbols & geometries, sacred art collection... and daily or weekly inspiration.

The StarWheel Wisdom Cards are fully interactive images: the back side of each Wisdom Card gives the title and keyword, and takes one on a mystical-poetic vision quest through the inner significance of the mandala with a StarWheel Sutra description and a StarWheel Picto-Koan hieroglyphic rendition.

Series: Wisdom Cards Three Series

Get the complete set of all the above 36 wisdom cards at a great price!

Wisdom Cards All 3 Series Laminated
Wisdom Cards All 3 Series Un-laminated

Happy Wisdom to you and You!