Manual of Sacred Geometry Volume 3
Manual of Sacred Geometry Vol. 3

Volume III: The Cosmos

The Cosmos is an exquisite choreography of Beauty.  And even though we see the universe through the tiny windows of our senses and fragment it into separate colors, forms, shapes, textures, sounds, smells & tastes..., we all have been in awe, at some magical moment in our life,  before the beauty in nature, small and large, and the beauty in the human body. Why not admit it openly ?  Mystics,  poets, artists and musicians have done so for eons.

Our technologies and scientific probing have allowed for further glimpses into the microcosmic / nanocosmic and into the macrocosmic / hyper-galactic realms.  Everywhere the chaos reveals intelligent order, explicate or implicate harmony and endless levels of communication.  Science is dating conscience.

Gathering the glimpses makes for a larger view: this is the call we follow, with reverence, in this harmonic tour of the cosmos.

In this Volume III of the Manual of Sacred Geometry, we are looking at Nature\\\'s applications of the Golden Ratio and the geometries of harmonic beauty. After all, Sacred Geometry is called a "Language of Genesis" and so it better proves itself in the star-fields.  We first take a quick glance at examples of harmonics in the various kingdoms, mineral, vegetal and animal, co-existing with humankind -and bitterly asking to receive from us due respect and recognition as conscious embodiments of the Same Source.  Then we journey through the human body, its wonderful proportions and the new field of the heart\\\'s harmonics, before we contemplate the DNA molecule.  Finally, we turn our gaze to the vault of heaven to see aspects of the celestial harmonics before reviewing some new science corroborating the ancient traditions of Sacred Geometry.

Volume III: The Cosmos
Harmonies in Nature
III / 15.   Sacred Geometry in Plants
III / 16.   Sacred Geometry in Animals
III / 17.   Sacred Geometry in Minerals & Crystals
III / 18.   Harmonics of the Human Body
III / 19.  The Golden Ratio of DNA
III / 20.   Celestial Harmonics
III / 21.   Sacred Geometry in Science