StarWheel Mandala Cards Deck 2 - Import from Japan
StarWheel Deck 2 (36 cards + Booklet)

This is the second of 3 decks that will make available the entire collection of StarWheel Mandalas in the Golden Rectangle format. 36 StarWheel cards per deck. This second deck is entitled "Sunstar". The last deck ("Earth") was published in May 2011.

NOTE: As of 2012, the Japanese publisher is no longer in business and the StarWheel decks are no longer in print or reprint. The first edition of 5,000 copies (for the 3 decks) is now a collector's item. This first and only edition has been sold in Japan and is only available outside of Japan through this website (www.starwheelmandalas.com).

Presented in a colorful box, under the description of "Vortex Neo-Mandala Cards", this set of 36 StarWheel templates is wonderful for Wisdom & Psychic Readings, Healing, Contemplation & Gazing, Inspiration & Empowerment... or simply a Loving Presence.

You can pick a card at a time for a "flash reading" or use a variety of spreads to enter the Spiral Dance of Spirit: the Small Four Directions (5 cards), the Medicine  Wheel (12 cards) or the Full Sacred Circle Spread (36 cards and, in 2011, 108 cards).