StarWheel Mandala Cards Deck 3 - Import from Japan
StarWheel Deck 3 (36 cards + Booklet)

This is the third of 3 decks that will make available the entire collection of StarWheel Mandalas in the Golden Rectangle format. 36 StarWheel cards per deck. This third deck is entitled "MotherEarth".

NOTE: As of 2012, the Japanese publisher is no longer in business and the StarWheel decks are no longer in print or reprint. The first edition of 5,000 copies (for the 3 decks) is now a collector's item. This first and only edition has been sold in Japan and is only available outside of Japan through this website (www.starwheelmandalas.com).

Presented in a colorful box, under the description of "Vortex Neo-Mandala Cards", this set of 36 StarWheel templates is wonderful for Wisdom & Psychic Readings, Healing, Contemplation & Gazing, Inspiration & Empowerment... or simply a Loving Presence.

You can pick a card at a time for a "flash reading" or use a variety of spreads to enter the Spiral Dance of Spirit: the Small Four Directions (5 cards), the Medicine  Wheel (12 cards) or the Full Sacred Circle Spread (36 cards and, in 2011, 108 cards).