The Manual of Sacred Geometry - Set of 4 Volumes
The Manual of Sacred Geometry 4 vol


An Introduction to the Cosmic Dance of Harmony


Humanity is poised on the threshold of a wonderful doorway:
Homo Sapiens is giving birth to Homo Galacticus
Humankind is turning into Starkind.
Sacred Geometry is the ancient-future key
to the cosmic wisdom we are fast reclaiming.
Under the new labels of Design Science, Fractal Harmonics
and Scale-Invariance Physics,
we are treading again a higher-dimensional collective path.
In  the 4 volumes of this Manual of Sacred Geometry,
AYA, with a variety of artistic touches,
paints a sweeping fresco of the "Cosmic Dance of Harmony",
from traditional origins to current discoveries.
In the Heart of all mandalas stands the Golden Ratio PHI,
the perfect concord within the universal music.


General Contents

Volume I:  The Golden Proportion
History, Harmonics and 2-D Geometries

I / 1.   What is Sacred Geometry ?
I / 2.   History of Sacred Geometry
I / 3.   The School of Pythagoras
I / 4.   Music, Color & Harmony
I / 5.   Geometry Toys & Tools
I / 6.   The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Numbers
I / 7.   The Pentagon & Pentagram

Volume II: Traditional Geometries
Classic Figures, 3-D Geometries and Numbers

II / 8.  The Vesica Piscis
II / 9.  Golden Geometries
II / 10.  Classic Figures
II / 11.   The 5 Platonic Solids
II / 12.   The 13 Archimedean Solids & Other Polyhedra
II / 13.   The Magic Squares
II / 14.   Archetypal Numbers
Short Glossary of Sacred Geometry Terms

Volume III: The Cosmos
Harmonies in Nature

III / 15.   Sacred Geometry in Plants
III / 16.   Sacred Geometry in Animals
III / 17.   Sacred Geometry in Minerals & Crystals
III / 18.   Harmonics of the Human Body
III / 19.  The Golden Ratio of DNA
III / 20.   Celestial Harmonics
III / 21.   Sacred Geometry in Science

Volume IV: Civilizations
Harmonies in Culture

IV / 22.   Proportions in Architecture
IV / 23.  Labyrinths & Ceremonies
IV / 24.   Mandalas & Yantras
IV / 25.  Sacred Geometry in Art
IV / 26.   The Golden Ratio in Culture
IV / 27.   Languages & Gematrias
IV / 28.   Universal Symbols

Volume V: Holo-Mind
Explorations in Harmonics

at this time, the Volume V will not be released in a book format (as part of the Manual of Sacred Geometry) as all the Sacred Geometry information is now transferred to an online PowerPoint format:
please visit www.schoolofsacredgeometry.org

V / 29.   Updates on Volumes I-IV
V / 30.   New Research in Sacred Geometry
V / 31.   New Applications of Sacred Geometry
V / 32.   Sacred Geometry in Healing
V / 33.   A Gallery of Pioneers
V / 34.   Maps of Wisdom
V / 35.   Galactic Harmonics
General Index Volumes I-V


Introduction to the Manual of Sacred Geometry
Greetings & Welcome !

This Manual follows the basic outline of the Sacred Geometry classes I offered in Sedona, Arizona, during the year 2004.  Starting with the original class "hand-outs", the material has now evolved into a comprehensive overview of the many faces of Sacred Geometry, now presented in four volumes (with possibly a fifth one in the future).
  • Volume I -  The Golden Proportion:  explains the basics of Sacred Geometry in terms of History, Music Harmonics, the Golden Ratio Phi & the Fibonacci Series.
  • Volume II - Traditional Geometries:  gives further Sacred Geometry constructions, the classical 3-D Volumes and is an introduction to the Play of Numbers.
  • Volume III - The Cosmos:  presents examples of the Golden Ratio and Harmonics in Nature, from Atom to Human to Galaxy.
  • Volume IV - Civilizations:  offers examples of Sacred Geometry and Harmonics in Culture, past and prersent, from Architecture to Labyrinth to Universal Symbols.
  • (Postponed at this time). Volume V - The Holo-MInd:  shares traditional & contemporary areas of Research & Development in Sacred Geometry, Harmonics and related fields. (In preparation).

This is a workbook designed to help the students at the School of Mandala Arts to organize and cross-reference their curriculum, both studies and practices.
It is therefore presented in a didactic format with visual tutorials, theme collages, recap windows, handy references, and a glossary .

Within the constraints of its linear /  rectangular packaging, this Manual is actually intended to be navigated like a mandala: from many entry points to the Center-Source. When, in someone\\\'s life, the time & the desire come to study Sacred Geometry, it is like starting a vision quest and becoming a pilgrim on an inner journey.  Sacred Geometry IS a spiritual path and offers the corresponding depth of rewards and challenges. Through the study of Sacred Geometry and Harmonics, we are globally re-discovering and re-creating a lost unified knowledge that used to be the crown jewel of the enlightened human consciousness.


I want to honor and thank here
the many traditions, sacred cultures and inner / outer teachings
who have kept alive fragments of this knowledge...
as well as all the people with eyes of light and hearts of love
who found this wisdom within their own Self...
... all unique and beautiful facets of the Source of All...

May this Manual of Sacred Geometry be a friendly homebase
for the many seekers of Self, Love and Beauty. 
And may it renew on planet Earth the perennial understanding
of a cosmic knowledge rooted in spirit consciousness.

Golden Blessings,