DVD - Introduction to Sacred Geometry, A Re-Emerging Paradigm for Our Times
Introduction to Sacred Geometry DVD

 Join Aya in this fascinating journey of uncovering and piecing together the ancient-future knowledge of Sacred Geometry, a re-emerging cosmology of Harmony & Beauty. This DVD is the first of a planned series of 3 DVDs (Intermediate & Advanced Levels).

Introduction to Sacred Geometry
A Re-Emerging Paradigm for Our Times

"What if I told you that the very fabric of the universe, the essence of all we perceive, only exists because of a very profound order? What if I told you that certain very precisely reoccuring ratios and geometric symmetries are the foundation codes of the whole cosmos, from atoms to DNA to galaxies? This is the heart of what is called Sacred Geometry.

When we begin to understand the uncanny relationship between mathematics and all the physical universe, we also begin to realize that Sacred Geometry may very well provide the new paradigm that our global culture is looking for, i.e. the knowledge & wisdom that can lead us back to cosmic awareness". (Aya)

In this DVD, Aya weaves the universe's most revealing story
in a way that is both informative and entertaining.

As the pieces fit together, you will find yourself astonished
at the incredible implications of this re-emerging science...

Aya is a world-renowned mandala artist who has spent the last twenty years
creating a family of large mandala paintings: the StarWheels.
Also the founder of the Sedona School of Sacred Geometry,
Aya is now teaching classes & seminars
on the basic principles & applications of Sacred Geometry.